Where does the time go?

An image of a little girl looking for something - first birthday photoshoot by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent wedding photographer

I think it’s true for most people that some days just seem to roll into the next. When we meet up with friends and family it’s all too often difficult to remember the last time we saw them. When we see children even after only a short time the absence can become even more obvious, “I can’t believe how much she’s grown!” or “Really, she’s walking now?!”

So it might come as no surprise that as well as wedding photography I also love to do photoshoots of the little ones. Memories of their childhood are great, but they can become faint and distant and not easily shared. Photographs on the other hand provide a timeless record of special moments. When the littles ones are grown up you can show them that cute face they used to pull or the one that you told them would stay like that if the wind changes.

These gorgeous images are from a baby girl’s first birthday photoshoot and her mum Libbi wanted some special photos of her DD (short for ‘dear daughter’ in case you weren’t sure). She is going to use them to give to family members as a nice surprise and also create some one-off thank you cards for the no doubt shower of gifts that children receive nowadays – and why not I say, we are all only 1 once!

For this particular first birthday photoshoot we ventured to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Greenhithe. “Really?” I hear you gasp. Yep, I was surprised too, but it has a lovely lake within the grounds with ducks, swans and herons and some great little spots to capture really natural moments. Libbi said that her DD was probably the least smiley baby ever, but we certainly had a lot of fun trying to get a few giggles out of her. I even managed to snap these rarities, that is my job after all.

We wanted natural shots that weren’t too posed with a lovely autumnal backdrop and that’s exactly what we got! Sam had lovely creative ideas for the shots and was also happy to accommodate some of my own.

Libbi, Mum

I’m not one for shooting in a studio, instead preferring to get out and about and discover new shoot locations. If you are based around Kent or London and are considering a photoshoot of your little one – maybe a first birthday photoshoot or one just because – then I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have a particular idea on somewhere you’d like to shoot then I’m always happy to discuss your ideas – get in touch!