Welcome Theo!

Babies are literally the cutest. I love doing a newborn photoshoot and this one was even more special because less than a year before he was born I had photographed Theo’s older sister Wren for her first birthday photoshoot. It was great to also meet her again and see the strong bond she shares with her new baby brother.

The shoot was spread over 3 hours at mum Libbi’s house and although Theo was a little poorly and feeling a bit sorry for himself, he was a pleasure to work with. Doing the newborn shoot over this amount of time gives opportunities for feeding, changing and generally just soothing, particularly helpful when baby is a little unwell.

At three weeks old, Theo was a little more alert and not as sleepy as babies less than two weeks old (which is when I’d typically schedule a shoot for). So this lead to some different types of photos – a few with eyes wide open and looking at the camera – which I think make your heart melt just as easily. Theo being a little older meant that curly poses weren’t easy, so I just let him do his thing and don’t tend to pose too much anyway, as I prefer them as natural as possible.

Wren was so gentle with her new baby brother and they were dressed in ‘Big Sister’ and ‘Little Brother’ outfits which was adorable. She had gone from crawling when I last photographed her to now jumping on the bed, and she was keen to show off some of her skills – even managing a headstand! (kind of 😍)

It was also great to be able to capture the family interacting together, it’s seeing the little moments they share between them that makes my job special.

One thing you might notice in the above photos is some of the interior styling of Theo’s nursery. It really is gorgeous, particularly with lots of natural light flooding in – just what I like! 😀 Libbi actually has her own Instagram account showing off her interior design skills, so if you’re looking for some ideas I’d recommend checking it out @life_inside_number_eighteen

It was lovely to have Sam come to take some pictures of the children when Theo was born in the comfort of our own home – the last thing I wanted to do was venture out with a newborn. He worked around us with feeding, lunch & snack schedules and made us all feel really at ease. Thank you Sam!


If you’re expecting a little one in the near future then I’d love to hear from you so we can schedule a newborn shoot. They are very relaxed and done at your home, afterall who wants to leave the house when they have a beautiful new baby to look at all day!?

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