Showing us how it’s done

An image of the happy couple stood overlooking a beautiful reservoir - wedding photography by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent wedding photographer

Engagement shoots and wedding days are all wonderful celebrations to photograph, but the culmination of these are the years that follow. After all, spending your life with that special someone is the aim of the game. This makes an anniversary shoot particularly special.

Cheryle and Michael (aka mum and dad) are paving the way and recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary. That’s pretty good going! We managed to find a scenic spot by a reservoir with a backdrop of rolling hills. There was no one else in sight and this combined with the wintery time of year gave quite an eerie beauty to the whole area. A perfect place to create and capture some fun memories on their anniversary.

Next year my DF and I are getting married – we still have plenty of planning to do… eek! My parents have set the bar high, having been wed for 38 years, and they continue to keep raising it. They’ve shown me what it means to be in a marriage and it is clear to see that they continue to be best friends in love. What more could you dream of for your future when you are stood at the altar on your wedding day?

Whether it’s the way your partner makes you laugh, how they make you feel safe or just the little things they do, there is a spark (or sparks!) that make them the person you want to spend your life with. I mean, it’s a big deal isn’t it, spending your life with someone. I know that’s stating the obvious but that’s because it’s true.

When I see my parents still like they were when they first met then that’s something to celebrate and it reminds me how important my DF is to me. No couples have it easy, there are always ups and downs, good days and bad days but that makes life interesting and meaningful. When a couple have been married for almost 14,000 days though it’s high odds that you’ll get a good one for a photoshoot 😀

I’m still wearing the smile you gave me


It’s so much fun getting out and about and discovering new places to capture beautiful memories. Do you have an anniversary coming up or perhaps there is a happy couple that you’d like to treat to an anniversary shoot? If so, then it would be great to discuss your plans with you and create something special – get in touch!