Rebecca & Bump

An image of Rebecca & Bump walking through the grass - maternity photography by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent wedding photographer

I’m not a dad just yet, but I can imagine what a daunting and exciting time becoming a parent for the first time is. Rebecca wanted to capture part of her journey to motherhood with a maternity shoot.

Rebecca’s due date was creeping up and so with that in mind we took a quick walk to her local green open space of Foots Cray Meadows – we didn’t want to be away from a car for too long, just in case! Although she was no doubt a little uncomfortable, what with having to carry around an almost full size baby, she was fantastic; leaning on trees, playing amongst the grass and generally happy to walk around to find some lovely locations.

We were a little early for Golden Hour but the evening sun was still providing us with beautiful light. It was certainly a great evening to be photographing a glowing mum-to-be! In case you’re wondering, because I was, she’s wearing a chime ball necklace. Her unborn baby hears this when she moves around and then once out in the big wide world the familiar sound will help to reassure them. You learn something new everyday 🤓

June is certainly going to be a busy time for Rebecca, the build up and then the chaotic days and no doubt sleepless nights that come afterwards. I’m looking forward to meeting her new arrival and maybe even getting to snap some cute images!

As a soon to be first time mum, I had considered having some photos taken as a keepsake as I have been particularly camera shy throughout my pregnancy. I approached the shoot with a level of trepidation as I wanted to capture this time in my life in a sincere way. I had been nervous of feeling a little silly – but I needn’t have worried – as Sam made me feel comfortable from beginning to end. He has a quiet confidence when he works that put me at ease. I’m really happy with how the photos turned out and they will be a beautiful reminder that I will one day show my little boy – who will also be having his photos taken by Sam once he is born!


You may not have considered a maternity shoot but it’s such a wonderful time in your life to capture and look back on. I’m happy to chat about whatever you’d like to do; whether just you, your partner too or maybe even to bring your dog along – get in touch!