Never too young, never too old

An image of a little girl looking at baking ingredients - family fun baking by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent wedding photographer

My niece is one of the cleverest and cutest little girls I’ve ever known, although of course I am naturally biased.

Whenever I get to see her she’s always been so busy – climbing, playing piano or dressing up as soldier to do a school news report at a castle (yes, that happened). I’ve seen first-hand that children can do almost anything and they are never too young to learn and experience new things.

Given my DF (darling fiancée – come on you’ll have to keep up with these abbreviations) loves to bake, it was a no-brainer that making cupcakes was on the activity list when my niece came to visit.

Children are never too young to create memories and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of capturing these ones of my DF and me giving my niece a baking lesson. Now we’ll always remember the silly times we had!

Ingredients, everywhere. Utensils, everywhere. Cake mixture, everywhere. Bowls, spoons and the mixer were all covered by scrummy mixture although not for long as a certain little someone found every scrap, oh and I may have found some too, I couldn’t help myself – it tastes too good!

Decorating the cupcakes had us all in stitches, with my niece creating some very ‘interesting’ iced sculptures on top of each one. The pièce de résistance was the carefully cut out rice paper Disney character placed atop the icing and perhaps unsurprisingly there were more princesses chosen for this honour than anything else.

Which Disney character are you going to be Uncle Sam?

You’re never too old to be reminded of just how much fun it is to make cupcakes; lick the bowl, destroy the kitchen and ice them all to within an inch of their lives. So, which Disney character am I going to be? Hmm… when faced with the choice of beautiful princesses (some of which I’d never heard of), dashing princes and colourful creatures, it wasn’t too tough to make a decision, it had to be Aladdin! Of course that wasn’t only because he was on the cupcake with the most caramel filling and buttercream icing.

Now, where’s that Genie with my three wishes..?