Joe & Maxwell • Greenwich Family Shoot

An image of a father bouncing his son on his knee - family shoot by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent-based wedding photographer

I love it when a photoshoot with me is bought as a surprise gift for someone. And in this case Maxwell’s mum didn’t tell him or his dad Joe what was going on until just a couple of minutes before they met me! That’s definitely one way of avoiding them having any nervous build up to being in front of the camera.

This was a special treat for the two of them as a gift for Father’s Day, so that they could have some lovely photos of them playing and basically enjoying spending time with each other. I can’t ask for a more wonderful reason than that to go to work!

From playing frisbee, to hide and seek, to just scootering (is that even a word?) around, I essentially just let them be them and captured the fun they were having along the way. And it really was a lot of fun! We spent around an hour in Greenwich Park finding some perfect places to play and some lovely spaces to shoot. Then as golden hour kicked in we chanced upon a spot with some longer grass and beautiful light, where I just let them sit and relax and ended the session with a few portraits.

Keep this shoot in mind when Father’s Day and Mother’s Day come around next year, as I’d love to be able to give dads, mums and their children special memories for them to treasure. But why wait until next year?! If you have someone in mind, there’s always birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, just contact me for more details.