Jess & James • Crawley Couple Shoot

An image of a couple by a lake - couple shoot by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent-based wedding photographer

It’s not long now before these beautiful two are married! Jess and James will say ‘I do’ (well they’ll actually say ‘I will’) in just a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to photograph it!

We headed to Crawley for their pre-wedding shoot where we had found the lovely Buchan Country Park. They wanted to have their dog Jura in some of the pictures too and this was a great little spot, for both humans and dogs. I say little, but it’s actually 170 acres of countryside, with a lake (plus a pond with a dog dip!) and some gorgeous woodland, so we enjoyed just exploring the park as none of us had been there before.

I’d barely got my camera out before James was planting kisses on Jess, so there certainly weren’t any problems with these two being nervous. Jura was impressed with his prowess too and you’ll even spot her gazing up at them in one of the photos – she was so adorable 😍

We did a mixture of walking, talking, relaxed posing and a bit of letting them just do their thing. When we came across a huge and beautiful tree I could see in their eyes they were eager to climb it, so I asked “Do you think you can?” and without hesitation Jess said “Of course!” and immediately got up it. James took a little longer (bless him), but he got there in the end and then they just sat happily in the tree together – it was very cute to watch.

You’ll no doubt be seeing more of these two in a few months time when I write about their wedding day – ahh it’s going to be awesome!

An image of a couple sat in a tree laughing together - couple shoot by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent-based wedding photographer

You don’t have to be engaged like Jess and James to have a couple shoot, although you should ideally at least be a couple 😋 Whether you’ve just got together and are still in that honeymoon period, you’ve been with each other for a couple of years, you’re engaged or you’ve been married forever, it’s always a great time to be together in front of the camera. Get in touch for more details and to book your couple shoot.

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An image of the happy couple in their secret place in the woods - wedding photography by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent wedding photographer