Welcome Jasper!

An image of Jasper with his cuddly sheep - newborn photography by Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent wedding photographer

Those of you that read my post about Rebecca’s maternity shoot will know that she was due imminently. Well that day recently came and after 67 hours of labour – I know, I can’t even imagine – her little baby boy, Jasper, entered into her life.

Babies change so quickly and Rebecca wanted a newborn shoot to capture some of his early features. It’s best to have a newborn shoot about 5-10 days after birth, as this gives mum a chance to recover a bit and is also typically when the baby is still quite sleepy (hopefully) from being in the womb. I took Jasper’s photos when he was just 1 week old so this timing worked perfectly.

I say perfectly… he really didn’t want to do hardly any sleeping, although milk definitely helped him to doze off a little bit! That’s the fun of the shoots though, you have to go at the pace of the baby and just play it by ear – you’re never really sure what’s going to happen! Each baby is naturally different and a newborn shoot ranges from about 2 to 4 hours for exactly that reason. I carry out a newborn shoot at the mum’s home, where both mum and baby are comfortable and know their surroundings, and this usually helps to increase the chances of the baby settling.

Jasper really was gorgeous and I loved being able to get some adorable detail shots, as well as lifestyle shots of him with his mum which show the close bond that they share. Hopefully it doesn’t show in the photographs but we did have a tricky time trying to get Jasper to stay still and also put his feet together for a particular shot. So instead I photographed what he does on a daily basis, crosses his legs!

I’m not really into lots of forced posing, babies in wooden crates and wearing headbands etc. etc. Though they can be cute, I much prefer to capture a baby as they naturally are. Obviously if a baby does normally prop its head up on its hands, sleep in a crate and wear a headband fit for Ladies’ Day at Ascot then that’s what I’ll photograph 😄

I’m not saying I’m adverse to props though; special cuddly toys, blankets etc. all add to the importance and impact of the photos. The cuddly sheep with Jasper is one that Rebecca had when she was a baby and the blanket he is wrapped in in some shots was hand-knitted by her during her pregnancy. I think those kind of touches are far more interesting and meaningful when looking back on the photographs.

I was drawn to Sam’s natural and effortless photographic style and he did not disappoint. I did have a few props I was keen to use as they hold sentimental value – but this was done so stylistically and without a staged appearance. Sam put Jasper at ease and was understanding when Jasper needed a break to feed or be changed.


If you are a mum-to-be (or dad-to-be!) and would like to capture the special memories of your little one when they arrive, then please get in touch!. It’s so fun to share in the joy of the parents I meet and it’s a privilege to be able to photograph their new arrivals.

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