Adam & Matthew • Greenwich Couple Shoot

What better way to spend an afternoon than by photographing two people in love. Adam and Matthew wanted to have a couple photoshoot to capture memories that they could put up around their home and we went to Greenwich Park to do just that.

They had warned me that they weren’t exactly fond of being in front of the camera, much like myself really. Although I found this a little strange given the amount of selfies that Matthew told me he posts to Instagram! It tends to be a common theme though that most of us simply aren’t used to being photographed, particularly as a couple, and having someone there while you’re being… well… ‘couple-ly’… might be thought of as a bit awkward. But given 5 minutes to warm up a bit and I find that most couples are naturals and I allow them to just be themselves – it’s far more fun that way!

Greenwich Park is a gorgeous large green space in London with lots of different areas and things going on, so there are always possibilities for some beautiful shots. Even with people walking around Adam and Matthew soon forgot about anyone that might be watching – people often glance, only the strange ones stop and stare 😛 – and just enjoyed being together. From headlocks (why do boys always do those!) to ballet poses (not all of them do those…), they definitely had some fun. I find it’s this time when couples are messing around and making each other laugh that their true emotions begin to show and it makes my job fairly easy 😀

We took some time to explore the park which Matthew hadn’t been to before. He’s only recently moved from Scotland to London for work – oh and I suppose to be a bit closer to Adam too… Yep, they were a long distance relationship for a while but it seems that it has only made them stronger (much like it did for me and my wife).

Matthew and I had a fantastic time … as soon as we got started Sam put us at ease and before long was snapping some great natural shots. We’re really happy with our photos, especially the ones capturing those little moments.


Have you thought about gifting your loved one a couple photoshoot? It may not have been your first idea and the thought of having your photo taken might make you cringe… but trust me, it’s very relaxed, fun and just time for you to spend with your partner reflecting on how much you love them – contact me for more details.

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