About Me

A photo of Sam of Hansford Carter, a Kent wedding photographer
Sam CarterPhotographer
My main quirk

I have to confess to being a bit of a geek at heart and I’m obsessed with LEGO. I even made the ring box I proposed to my fiancée with out of the little plastic bricks. It’s a wonder she puts up with me to be honest!

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m a professional photographer based in Kent and I shoot in Kent, London and across the UK.

What I love about photography is the ability to capture and convey the emotions of a point in time. The photographs tell a story that can be shared for generations to come – read my blog for the latest memories I’ve been creating.

Whether I’m photographing family sessions, a newborn baby or a couple’s special wedding day I just enjoy capturing special moments. Naturally a wedding is a truly happy and special day (how many do we really get in our lives) both for the couple and their guests. It’s no wonder I love my job when I’m able to share all of these occasions with everyone involved and provide them with lasting memories.

My approach

I have a reportage approach to your wedding day – reportage, photojournalistic, documentary… however you might like to describe this photographic style my aim is to capture the real moments of the day as they happen. I like to be involved in the action but also try to remain as inconspicuous and unobtrusive as possible. As you might expect, candid photos are my favourite kind as this is when people are at their most natural – no “Smile for the camera!”

I’m also not into awkward posing or lots of movie-set artificial lighting. Instead, I prefer to work with the available natural light and the true emotions of the day. As your wedding photographer I aim to make you relaxed and capture the special moments you share together. This is especially relevant when we sneak off for a little time on the day to take fantastic portrait shots of both of you.

Similarly with my lifestyle sessions, I generally just let you do your own thing – play, walk, talk and just enjoy spending time with each other – whilst I capture the lovely moments and connections.

Your next steps

Read more about wedding photography and family photography and if you like my style then I would be honoured to be your photographer. Please contact me to book in your date and we can start discussing your plans!